C. T. Baker, M.D.
Charles Henry Morris
Mrs. Charles Henry Morris
Home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Henry Morris, scene of the Morris Murders.  Postcard
Lake of the Woods
Water gusher that was found while drilling for oil, April 12, 1927.
Wind damage to South Side Store, 1910.
Wind damage to South Side Store, 1910.
Wind damage to South Side Store, 1910.
Browning Drug Store fire, June 29, 1893.
Browning Drug Store fire, June 29, 1893.
Decatur firetruck and fireman: Ivan Keyes, Fred Woolfe, Archive Woolfe, C. Bachman,
J. Myers, Harley Karnes, Elmer Woolfe, 1924.
Decatur firetruck and fireman, 1924.
Measure Company
Chimney leaning, April 29, 1941.
Decatur Cornet Band. From left: Harry Hughes, Millard Russell, John Struble, Charles
Rawson, Nick Huff, Frank Clark, Homer Hinckley, Will Carney, Charles Pritchard, Will
Sutton, Harry Russell, 1880.
Decatur Cornet Band - Front from left: Leon Knights, Myron Hinckley, Willard Van
Antwerp, Arden Treat, Harold Lawrence. Second Row: Walt Greenman, Harvey
Lammond, Will Clark, Austin Lawrence. Back row: Maurice Vining, Angus Cary,
Charles Upfield?, Sela Eckenberger, Bruce Bassett, Charles Ellsworth, D. Bope, Dana
Sherrod, Nick Huff?, Otis Newell, George Adams, Carlton Lindsley, 1906.
Decatur Baseball Team - Back row from left: Stub Woolfe, Frank Bayless, Swift Train,
Ralph Adams, Elmer Woolfe. Front row: Archie Woolfe, Lyle Rawson, Fred Milke,
manager, Fred Woolfe, Ernie Ickes.
Decatur Baseball Team - Back row from left: Claude Hayden, John Hughes, John
O'Leary, Marion Chadwick, Stanley Briggs. Middle Row: Ralph Slater, Dan Carney, P.
W. Van Duzer, Frank Thomas. Front row: Frank C. Stapleton, Howard Smith.
Back from left: Harold Rose, Harold Hudson, David Sherrod, Chester Spellman, Myron
Hinckley. Middle row: Ivan Genung, Harold Lawrence, Leon Knight (holding banner),
Carl Hamilton, Harold Spellman. Front: Leo Rose, Carl Squier.
Village Council that constructed Decatur Waterworks, Decatur, Michigan. Standing
from left: Dr. N. E. Hooper, trustee; Arthur L. Moulton, attorney; Dexter E. Brigham,
trustee; Perry M. Young, trustee. Sitting: Marvin Hinckley, president; Frank C.
Stapleton, clerk; Lyscom Brigham, trustee, Jacob Byers, trustee; Frank Potts, trustee,
Band stand "Decatur Welcomes You", postcard.
Michigan Central Railroad Depot, circa 1912.
Early days in Decatur, postcard.
Early days in Decatur, postcard.
Decatur firetrucks.
Old Decatur Town Hall, looking west on E. Delaware St., drawing.
Decatur NewStand & McWilliams Agency Insurance, Decatur, Michigan. Postcard
postmarked 1958.
Decatur Homecoming King & Queen nominees: Lou Ann Groendyk & Ed Hillyer,
September 22, 1972.
Phelps St.
Mosiers; Fred Buys, Star Grocery
Decatur Schools, 1898
Decatur Schools, 1898?
Citizen's State Bank; Wm. Kaplan Groceries; C. R. St. Germaine, Soda & Drugs
L. C. Andrews Quality Grocery
Decatur, Michigan
Started taking 3rd floor off Gales Farm store for bank to take over, February 11, 1975.
Building knocked down for new car lot, Winter 1972.
Gales to start remodeling back of post office to take over when post office moves,
February 11, 1975.
Gales to start remodeling back of post office to take over when post office moves,
February 11, 1975.
Decatur Village Council - from left: Harry Vliek, Andy Cramer, Jan DeGraaf, Mike
Martin, David Moorman, Norma Strickler, Carl Wickett, Joe Groh, Erin Jackson,
Warren Grosvenor.
Famed Decatur "Watering Hole" and a "meeting of the business community" after a
"Towns meeting", or so the picture said. We are not sure where this "salloon" was
located in town, as we have been told different locations by area "Old Timers".
Decatur Blacksmith Shop. Sets on what is now park lot area somewhere behind the
rear of post office on Sherwood St. Mr. Frank Lanning was his name. The horse shown
is not "alive" in the picture. It was his beloved pet that he had stuffed upon it's death
and placed in his shop for remembrance & fitting of certain saddles etc. he made in
his shop.
"Van the Harness Man" shop, W. Van Antwerp proprietor.
Candy Kitchen
South Phelps St., April 1972.
Phelps St., 1922.