Phelps Street looking north, Decatur, Michigan.  East side of street: Duncombe House,
saloon, bank, Ed. Arnold dry goods, John Staad's, Mrs. Kurtz, Jim Enright's bakery
and restaurant, vacant lots.  Weat side of street: Brigham building, N. S. Rathbun (with
porch top) grocery, Barber shop (George Bass, Tom's father) Browning's drug store,
Aus Knight saloon, Chadwick building, George Riley restaurant, Joe Cohn, Frank
Rich  bakery, George McOmber, Shaad building, Stewart & Roberts grocery (on
corner).  Circa 1893.
Decatur, Michigan
Oldest picture of Phelps St., Decatur, Michigan.
Phelps St. looking south, skating rink, Charles Pritchard's father's cabinet shop, Lew
Hamilton store, Fire Station, Peter Pardonette's harness shop, George Robert's
hardware, F. C. Stapleton barber shop, S. N. Thomas hardware.  Taken before
Newstand building or Duncombe House were built.  Circa 1880's.
Phelps St., Frank Potts, postcard.  Circa 1910?.
Looking south on Main St. (Phelps St.), postcard.
Looking north on Main St., (Phelps St.), postcard.
Phelps St. 1922, postcard.
Main St. looking north, postcard published by M. S. Carney.
Decatur, Michigan, circa 1911.
Bird's eye view of Decatur, Michigan, on the Michigan Central Railroad, 116 miles from
Chicago, 1875.
Decatur, Michigan
Presbyterian Church
Presbyterian Church
Interior of the Old Presbyterian Church
Methodist Church
Holy Family Catholic Church, old building.
Old Holland Reformed Church
Old Decatur High School
Old Decatur High School
Old Decatur High School
Drawing of the Old Decatur High School.
Ruins of the Old Decatur High School, 1919.
Ruins of the Old Decatur High School, 1919.
Standpipe under construction for Power House and Pumping Station.
Stewart Building,now part of the bank.
Power House and Pumping Station, 1910.
Sol Schpok - Coal, Beans & Seed, Hay & Grain, Coal , Sol Schpok shown on right.
Decatur Roller Mills
Adams Flour Mill, Decatur Roller Mills
Decatur Theatre and Decatur Electric Shop
Hotel Paddock
E. Delaware St., looking west, drawing, postcard.
Old Decatur Town Hall
Old Decatur Town Hall
Wrecking Old Town Hall
The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea, Co.
Decatur, Michigan
Citizen's State Bank and E. S. Peterson.
Laying water mains.
Installation of the Park Cannon.
Park, 1905.
Hobart Millard's ox team, 1900.
Arthur Brigham, carrier. Postcard
Decatur, Michigan
McGibeney, John Hughes, _______, Frank Stapleton, _______,  March 1908.
Baker Home, E. Delaware & George Sts., drawing.