About this index:
The following index represents photographs, digital and/or originals, available at the VAN BUREN DISTRICT LIBRARY, Webster Memorial Library
Branch.  The collection is co-owned by the library and the Van Buren Regional Genealogical Society.  The
photographs may be of individuals or historic structures and scenes of Southwest Michigan.  All have ties to one or more of the Michigan
counties of Allegan, Berrien, Cass, Kalamazoo, St. Joseph and Van Buren.  Each entry provides a name or subject to identify the image and a
location where it is found within the collection.  This information must be provided when an image is requested whether by mail or in person.

How to obtain print copies from this collection:

Visit the Local History Department (address below):
All photographs and images are kept in storage and may be viewed upon request.  It is recommended that you contact the library to ensure that
the collection will be available.  A high quality copy, duplicated onto archival paper, will be made by a staff member at a cost of
$1.00 per print.
are not printed onto photo paper. The Van Buren District Library allows photographs to be scanned or downloaded to a thumbdrive. If a
scanner is used it must be a wand scanner that will not damage the photographs.

For questions, to arrange a visit or to donate photographs to this collection:
Contact the library by email at  or call 269-423-4771.  

By Mail :
A high quality copy, duplicated on archival paper, may be ordered for a
$2.00 retrieval and copy fee for each print ordered (full-size, usually 8 x 10).
Color copies will be sent if applicable.  Mail your request (include all information about the photograph from the index), a self-addressed stamped
envelope and a check or money order made out to Van Buren District Library to:          
                                                                                             Webster Memorial Library Branch
                                                                                                       Local History Department
                                                                                                         200 N. Phelps Street
                                                                                                          Decatur, MI  49045

Photographs may also be requested to be sent digitally. The retrieval and copy fee is
$2.00 for each photograph.
 Requests are handled by volunteers and will be attended to as soon as possible.
     The Van Buren District Library reserves the right to refuse or limit the reproduction of photographs in any its collections.


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