About this index:
This Van Buren County Death Record Index includes the last and first names of the decedent, the date of death and the page number in the
original county record upon which the record may be found.  

How to obtain a non-certified copy of the original record:

Anyone with access to the original county records may easily locate anyone listed in this index using the page number provided.  

Visit the Local History Department  
and make a copy of the record for a copy fee of  $.15 per page.  Digital cameras are not permitted.
                                                                               Van Buren District Library
                                                                              Webster Memorial Library
                                                                                        200 N. Phelps St.
                                                                                             Decatur, MI

Use Pay Pal:
Each record requested has a $4.00 retrieval and copy fee.
Include the full name and the date of death with the request.

By Mail:
Each record requested has a $3.00 retrieval and copy fee.  Send a self-addressed stamped envelope along with a check or money order made
out to the Van Buren Regional Genealogical Society (include the name of the decedent, date of death and page number) to:
                                                                        Van Buren Regional Genealogical Society
                                                                                                 P. O. Box 143
                                                                                           Decatur, MI  49045
                                  For questions or additional information email

                                        Requests are handled by volunteers and will be mailed as soon as possible.
                              The 1935 - 1945 index was completed by VBRGS member Donna Goble of Tucson, Arizona.
                    The 1946 and 1947 indexes were completed by VBRGS member Jerry Anderson of Kalamazoo, Michigan.