Since we began the Southwest Michigan Military Registry in 1997, we have been inspired not only by the wealth of information
available about those who were in active duty, but also by those individuals whose efforts here in Van Buren County contributed to
goal.  Everyone at home, and across the seas, participated in this cause in one form or another.

Many still remember the paper, rubber and metal drives; the ration stamps.  Countless women worked in industrial plants, such as
Eaton Corporation in Lawton, making parts for airplanes and other wartime equipment.  Many did this while their husbands were in
service, and while taking care of a home and family.  Several area patriotic organizations were formed, including the Gold Star

This is a story that needs telling.  First, we will gather information about every known soldier.  This will be done by scouring era
newspapers, published books, online resources, cemetery records, obituaries and area manuscript collections.  Contact will be
made with area Legion and VFW posts, and a wide net of publicity will be cast.   To be included in the project, servicemen or
women should have had one or more of the following events in Van Buren County:  birth, death, burial, residence.
As often as possible, we would like to add photographs.  Service photos are great, but if you don’t have one of those, simply
submit a good head & shoulders shot.  At home activity photos need simply be of good enough quality to reproduce clearly.
Help us to make this project a success:
Contribute information about a veteran or a civilian war effort to the Van Buren Regional Genealogical Society.
Contribute copies of photographs or documents for this project by calling 269-423-4771 to make arrangements regarding the
handling of these items.
Volunteer to help, there are many ways that your talents can be used to benefit this project.

Print a  
WORLD WAR II PROJECT FORM  that may be mailed to:
Van Buren Regional Genealogical Society
World War II Project
P. O. 143
Decatur, MI  49045